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All these works are done on MS Paint. Very few are animations, and others are just completely random stuff. The main theme for this gallery is ANY cartoon(z) I'm into currently and drawing, with it and enjoy :aww:




Still calling for auditions, peeps! You guys can either ask me for some scripts, or you can make up your own : D 

I'm sorry that I haven't made any progress, because I've been hooked on drawing something original for once (in a while), and really want to share how my drawing style really looks like. But that doesn't mean I've given up on the Koopaling Cartoonz project, so PLEASE send me your voice files to me at, or you can send your video to me on YouTube here -->…

:star:Characters open for voice audition:star:

- Morton Koopa
- Lemmy Koopa (I might voice him if I can't find anybody else)
- Bowser
- Bowser Jr.
- Luigi

Morton Koopa
*he's laughing about Mario's presence in his castle*

Huh, huh, huh! I didn't think the shrimp plumber Mario would be making it here! Oh, welll! At least I will be the one to destroy you! Guh, huh, huh!

Take THIS!

*gaining confidence in that he's winning. He laughs mockingly* Ha, haaa! Look at you! Such a pipsqueak you are! Now it's time I CRUSH you!

*he lost*

What?! No, that can't be! Why would I lose to a little meatball like YOU?! Grrr, don't think you'll win so easily, though! The rest of my siblings will take you down for sure! *to himself* Uhh, except for the runt, Larry, that is...huh...

/Different scene/

*taunting Larry* You'll never measure up to anything, runt! You can try and try, but you're nothing more than a meat pile of the field! You're stupid AND weak, so stop trying to prove the rest of us wrong!

Roy Koopa
*I don't exactly see Roy as a bully like most people do. I see him as the big guy that people can rely on for advice and physical work, and someone who's not so mean unless the situation calls for it. So, I imagine his voice like a tough and chill kinda dude. I hope I explained that clear enough Sweating a little...*

I gotta hand it to him, Lu, the little tyke's sure got some tough nails going; pursuing his dreams without a care in the world. Ehh, wish I could do that.

But ya know, bein' under Pa's orders ain't the easiest thing to get out of without any punishin' to be had. How does the kid even do it?

Eh, like I said, he's just a kid; he doesnt know what's comin' once as Pa finds out about this. A stupid decision to make in quittin' the team, but still…tough as nails.

/Different scene/

Oh, man, kidnappin' the princess and fightin' those Mario bros is one of the best jobs a Koopa could have. But…it's a whole different story when I see those two actually steppin' in my turf.

*sounding angry, but trying hard to contain himself* When I see them, all the memories of us losin' to them come crashing down, and it just boils my blood with rage; a kind of rage I don't really like expressing.

So… *angry now, but not full on yelling* Cut us some slack, will ya, plumber bros!? Let us win for once and give us a break with the princess! Our Pa deserves to be the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom, and that's NEVER gonna change! 

I'm warnin' ya, step outta my turf or you're goin' to taste my wrath!

Lemmy Koopa
*he be laughing excitedly; kinda talking loudly and fast*

Are we REALLY coming back to work? Bowser's REALLY getting us back in the job?! Woohoo! I am SO happy about that! 

At last, I can show those plumber brothers a REAL show! NObody can surpass my talents! Not even YOU, Ludwig! Ha, ha, ha, ha!! *excited laughter slowly turns into nervous laughter* Uh, ha, ha... okay, maybe you can, Ludwig OvO'

/Different scene/

Hello, Mario! Hiya, Luigi! I was exPECTing you both to come here! Otherwise, all this setup would've been a waste of my time! SO! Let's get the show on the road, shall we?!

*about to win* Ha, ha, ha, ha! Admit defeat! AdMIT it! I am the real winner here!

*loses* WHAT?! I LOST! But how, I--! After all this time... I... was the real loser... *silence, then suddenly* HA, ha, ha, ha, ha! Ohh, that was fun! You two actually got me! If you had lost, that would've been too EASY for me! If I had defeated you, then I wouldn't have any more future shows to perform!

SO! GO on, my stars! Go forward to your wonderful journey! And when you do, you'll be facing Bowser! And when THAT happens, I will be laughing at your show! I'll be LAUGHING!!!

((For Bowser, maybe just read from the Mario Wiki? I don't have a script in mind as of yet. Sorry XvX'))

Bowser Jr.
*making an announcement to the Koopalings* Hey, listen up, you chumps! You all may be older than me, but I'M the real prince of the Koopa family! And since I'm the prince, it means I'M the boss! So DON'T you question my orders! Now go and get my Mama here!

/Different scene/

*sounding serious/kinda sad* Papa... why doesn't Mama like any of us? We don't hurt her, and I try being a good kid to her, but... she never appreciates anything. So... why can't we find a different Mama? Someone who would like to become a queen, someone who will care about me...

Yeah, I know you like her, Papa, and I like fighting those stupid plumbers, too, but... I'm starting to feel it's all becoming... pointless...

/Different scene/

*reluctant* Uhh, say, Larry... you... wanna play tennis with me?

*Larry asks why with a smirk*

Well, duh! Who ELSE would want to play? Morton's busy patrolling the castle, Wendy is drowning herself in her modeling dreams, Iggy is experimenting on something in the lab--GAH, the point is! Nobody else around here is close my age!

And as your prince, I command you to PLAY with me!

*Larry responds with, "Alright, alright! Sheesh!*

HA! That's what I thought! Uhh, but don't tell Papa!

*talking to himself*

I know he means well in letting me stay home and not help save the princess, but... 

*sighs loudly* Mario, if you were here right now, I wish I could tell you everything I kept from you. How much I envy you, and how much I want to be like you, too. Sure, I cower in fear a lot, but I'm strong, too! I can fight! We're called the "Mario Brothers" for a reason, so why change all that?

Aah, but what am I complaining about? He is the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, and I'm pretty much the sidekick. I mean... that's something, right? Ha, ha...

(Different scene)

Alright, you Koopas! Enough games! We're not afraid of you!


You Koopas never learn, do you? The heroes will always win!

(Different scene)

*they find Peach*

Princess! You're okay! *Peach kisses and thanks Mario* Oh... heh, okay, you're welcome... 

If you wanted to audition but I didn't put your name below, PLEASE let me know which ones you wanted to voice over again, because it's been a long time since I did this, so I've forgotten a lot xnx

:star-half:Characters currently being/possibly auditioned:star-half:
- Morton Koopa: :iconkoolkoopa:, :iconmrnerdling:
- Lemmy Koopa: :iconillegalkoopas:, :iconidiotboy360:, :iconzachmfkattack:, and me
- Bowser Jr: :iconhg-the-hamster:, :icondemonic-disaster:, :iconneurophonic:, :iconzachmfkattack:
- Luigi: :iconneurophonic:, and possibly me?

:star-empty:Characters taken:star-empty:
- Larry Koopa: me
- Ludwig von Koopa: :iconedwar17:
- Wendy O. Koopa: :iconthemiles:
- Mario: :iconartlessman64:
- Iggy: Digiman…
- Roy: :iconshtinkels:

I'm really looking forward to this, peeps, it's gonna be freakin' fun )-D

And please, take your time, guys, no need to rush


Nunshle Speke Uvmee
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I'm here to post drawings and such : P. I've been drawing ever since I was 3, thanks to my mom. It all started when she taught me how to draw Hello Kitty, and because of that, drawing has been my passion.

Obviously, I draw many things, such as animating avatars/icons, cartoon characters, anime (not anymore), and many awesome characters such as the ones shown above.

I don't take requests

but I do make gifts if I so wished, okay? Okay...

Now get lost :sarcasm:

Current Residence: In a world where no one deserves to enter--my mind

Favourite genre of music: Anything (mostly country) but the new hip-hop

Favourite style of art: Digital

Wallpaper of choice: Fantasy Stuff

Skin of choice: Why?

Favourite cartoon character: Dipper Pines, Good Cop/Bad Cop, Gremlin Prescott, Turbo, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Mickey Mouse, Vanellope von Schweetz, Benson, and many others

Personal Quote: Art and imagination are the reasons why the world exists...

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