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Birth of a New Invader - Pg 38 by FantasyFreak-FanGirl Birth of a New Invader - Pg 38 by FantasyFreak-FanGirl
Do You BeLIEve in 2012?
Volume 1, Issue 2: Birth of a New Invader Pg 38

Birth of a New Invader Pg 37 --->
Birth of a New Invader Pg 39 --->

Tired of going back and forth? All of the pages are right here ---> fantasyfreak-fangirl.deviantar…

Side comment: I am sorry...this took an eternity, guys! Even so, I'm actually proud of how this turned out, especially panel 3; I guess I've still got the art skills in me (or not...). Anyway, if you're wondering why Dib said what he said on the last panel, he doesn't remember ANYTHING about what happened earlier that day. Anyway...enjoy ^^;

Note: Guys, I DO appreciate comments and stuff, I really do, but please...don't suggest me what to do or put in the comic (random chars, what's gonna happen next, etc.). I'm not trying to be rude, but I also want to respect those who'd like to read the story WITHOUT any spoils or whatever.
You can comment, troll, or whatever, but please, no suggestions.

EDIT: 09/02/13 - Please keep in mind that I am no longer working on this fan comic. If I do, though, chances are that every new page will be EXTREMELY RARE. Other than that, please don't expect anything else from this. I'm so sorry...

Invader Zim (c) Jhonen Vasquez

Do You BeLIEve in 2012? fan comic (c) me
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