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Chapter 4: Day One

Be warned that this fanfic contains Marscott (Prescott x Markus) and Turbo (who is now known as Gremlin Speedo in here) from the movie “Wreck-It Ralph” as a little crossover thing to add. If you don’t like, please do not read any further.

This story takes place AFTER Epic Mickey 2 and during off-screen times.



~Gremlin Speedo’s POV

“Hey, look! It’s the virus!”

“We gotta get rid of him before he goes Turbo again! Or worst!”

“Let’s run him over or something!”

“No, let’s banish him! Make him suffer for his crimes!”

“W-wait! Give me another chanthe! I, I can be good again!”

“You got two games unplugged; you took over another, made the protagonist suffer for your selfishness for fifteen years; and you expect us to give you another chance? You’re nothing but a heartless criminal!”

“Heartless…say, isn’t there a video game where heartless and forgotten characters stay in?”

“Why, yes—yes there is…”

“Yeah! How ‘bout we throw him in there? It seems rather suiting!”

“Wait, pleathe! Anything but that! I don’t want to be forgotten! I jutht wanted people to look up to me…!”


“Wait! No! Pleathe! No! NO! NOOOOO!!!”


“Speedo! Wake up!”

“AH!!!” I was suddenly awakened by the constant sound of fingers snapping. I quickly opened my eyes and saw in front of me that it was only Scotty. Ohhh, right, I was staying at his place. Well, that’s just turbo-tastic to have the whole situation be brought back to my head during first thing in the morning!  “Urr…” Not having an exactly good night’s sleep, I laid my head back onto the couch’s arm.

“Now, now, Speedo, you know you and I have got a lot of business to take care of today,” Scotty reminded me, “starting with the Gag Factory.”

“Pfft, well I don’t wanna go to work,” I grumpily sighed and turned my full body away from Scotty, leaving only my backside to face him. I crossed my arms to show hesitation that I wasn’t getting off the couch at all costs. Even if it meant—!


Okay, my stomach is being as noisy as the engine of my kart. Ha! Two buddies alike! Say, I wonder how it was doing without me, anyway?

“Oh, you’re hungry, eh?” Scotty asked. “Well, too bad, you’ve slept passed the breakfast hour, now you’ve got work to do.”

“I don’t need breakfatht!” I claimed as I finally got my full body to get up from the couch. “I’ve got thome candy to bootht me up!”

“Yes, of course,” he replied as he lamely nodded at me. “Then I’m sure you’ll do fine for the rest of the day with nothing but sugary goodness to fill you up.” He turned his body away and headed out the door, all while fluttering. I harrumphed, jumped off the couch, and reluctantly followed from behind. Luckily, even with a different body, I still had the code to spawn candy into my pocket whenever I wished. Using that as my advantage, I took out some good ol’ Snickers bar and ate it in place of a breakfast meal.


We made it inside the Gag Factory, and thankfully because it was early morning, none of the bunny monsters were present around Ostown. Seriously, though, were those blue beasts ACTUALLY the king’s children? Hoohoo, if that’s the case, then they’d sure grow up as GREAT soldiers! That is, if they’re even programmed to age. What am I saying, nobody in a video game was usually programmed to age.

Anyway, back to the subject—while Scotty was holding onto a clipboard and pacing (well, fluttering) around lecturing me, I sat atop one of the big chests eating a second bar of Snickers. The sweet taste and the crunchy texture of the treat was all I could focus on, giving that I kept sighing and rolling my eyes away at every rule Scotty was throwing down at me.

“Are you even listening!?” he interrupted my enjoyment of my candy bar as I flinched from his sudden grunt and dropped it right to the floor. I leaned down to reach for it, but one of the chattering teeth toys hopped right to it and chomped down my breakfast!

“Hey! That wath mine!” I shouted in aggravation as I accusingly pointed at the guilty toy. It completely ignored me, still having the guts to enjoyably chew down the last bits of it and give a small burp. With that, it hopped away.

“Well, you had it coming,” Scotty’s voice greeted me with his usual sarcastic tone. I looked up and saw him crossing his arms impatiently. I gave a smile wide enough till my cheeks ached, but he changed no expression to it. I frowned angrily to that, knowing how difficult he was to deal with. “Now, if you’d actually pay attention, we’d get this day over with, you’d be able to work at this place by heart, and once THAT happens, you can finally have yourself a home and leave my place.”

“Hoohoo, ha, ha! I don’t need your help,” I objected, giving a good smirk while picking up some random teeth toy and winding it up, “I can work here without any problem!”

“Oh, then what was that with the bunny children yesterday?” he asked, suddenly smirking back at me and raising an eyebrow. My head backed up from his question. Unwillingly, I stayed silent for a few minutes, not being able to find an answer. I tried to speak, but he interrupted, “I thought so, Speedo. Listen, without my help, you’ll be nothing. Come to think of it, without my help, you’d be—”

“Yeah, yeah! Be thtuck in the dump, thtill, I get it!” I complained and threw the toy down at the floor.

“If you get it, then pull yourself together and pay attention.”

I pouted my lip and nodded.

“Now, then, here’s what you got to do…”

I continued reluctantly listening to Scotty’s words as I couldn’t help but look down at his fluttering feet. I often questioned myself as to how he was able to move them so quickly with those iron shoes of his, but never had the chance to actually ask it. I know it was in every gremlins’ code to be able to fly like that, but logically—did they ever get tired of it? Another logical explanation I wanted to know but never got to ask—if the gremlins were able to teleport by will, then why is it that they always needed to be constantly rescued whenever they were trapped somewhere? Couldn’t they at least try to get themselves out of wherever-they-were-trapped-in without the mouse’s help? Couldn’t they at least make an effort to break the glass down, or at least—NOT get caught in the trap at all? Huh? Why? What? Why!?

Whoops! Getting out of subject, here, hoohoo! But seriously, though, these gremlins are pretty stupid. Hoohoo! Maybe that’s why they were all forgotten in the first place…serves them right. To top it off, now being a fellow gremlin myself, I will be the one to show these gremlins just what it takes to be a loved and popular character. Lesson to be learned, kids! Don’t ever let your brain go haywire, or it will take you nowhere in life, which is why you must play video games for extra loads of hours and be inspired by characters like me!

“—and if you ever want the toys to avoid you,” Scotty’s voice suddenly echoed back to my ears, slowly getting clearer by every second he’d speak, “simply show them who’s boss. And if they disobey you, well…there’s always the option to—” I giggled to the sight of one of the chattering toys playfully hopping beside his foot. To my discomfort, he stared down at it with the most darkest, most serious face I’ve ever seen from him thus far. Without a warning, he gave a good stomp at it. I gasped at the sight of him scraping off the remains of the toy, but then I noticed a couple of brown pieces crumbled up along with it as well.

“Ha, ha! That’th the one that ate my Thnickerth bar!” I laughed as I pointed down at it. After a while of enjoying my victory-ish moment, I jokingly said, “Thankth, Thcotty! Hoohoo! You’re a good friend!”

“Don’t think of it that way,” he grunted as he straightened himself out, “it was only a demonstration.”

“I wathn’t thinking that way at all,” I admitted as I instantly narrowed my eyebrows and widened my lips in disgust, “it wath a joke.” He gave no answer to that, but he continued throwing down every bits of instruction to me. Blah, blah, blah, blah, BLAH! Well…not being able to contain my curiosity or thoughts of procrastination any longer, I finally asked…

“Thay, Thcotty, how’th it that you gremlinth fly like that? Or, how do you get your feet to do that?”

“Oh, is that a question I hear coming from a fellow gremlin?”

“Hey! I jutht—!”

“Well, then you’ll be able figure it out.”

Geez, this guy! What was his problem? If he can give himself the time to explain to me a LONG list of rules, then can’t he at least kill a couple of seconds to tell me how to move my feet in that kind of speed? Sure, I am Turbo, but I was programmed to drive fast! Not move any of my limbs or body part in the speed of light!  But wait a minute; come to think of it, I looked exactly like a gremlin, and I mean exactly. Back when I was ruler of a game called Sugar Rush, I was only able to change the skin texture of myself and add a few new accessories from here and there. For example, I was able to give myself a big head, mainly because I used skin colors to cover both my head and helmet. But here, I had the body shape of a gremlin. Perhaps while he converted my codes, not only did Scotty change my appearance, but he must’ve used a duplicate of another gremlin and transferred his codes into mine, making me look the way I do now.

It all makes sense now! If the new body and codes I had in me belonged to another gremlin, then perhaps I was also capable of functioning the exact way gremlins could! Well, there was only one way to find out.

While Scotty continued speaking, I jumped off the chest and tapped one foot on the floor a couple of times, just for a heads up. Then I tapped with the other. I continued on with the process until I noticed the speed increasing, and then, feeling my weight a lot lighter than usual. I looked below myself and saw that my feet were no longer touching the ground—I was actually hovering!

“THCOTTY!” I called out excitedly. “Look! Look, I’m doing it! Hoohoo! I’m actually doing it!!!”

“Bravo, you can fly like a gremlin,” he sarcastically replied as he gave a small clap to me. I didn’t care if he didn’t give his full attention to this; I didn’t care if he didn’t show any interest; this was—!

“TURBO-TATHTIIIIC!!!” I screamed out my lungs as I flew right out of the front door of the building.

“Hey!” I heard Scotty’s voice calling out to me, but I completely ignored it. I continued flying around Ostown and laughed all the way through. This was the most fun I’ve ever had since I got here! It was just as amazing as racing; it was like a dream come true! But then suddenly, a couple of crackling noises took place, like the way my engine would whenever it’d run out of fuel. I looked behind myself, seeing that I was leaving a trail of smoke, like as if I was on fire! I tried to land back on the ground to settle down, but instead, I transported myself from here to there without my command. I was losing control!

My body continued speeding through and teleporting everywhere, almost in places around Ostown that could hurt somebody. In less than a second, an explosion took place from my lower body, and I felt myself rocketing upwards to the sky.

“SPEEDO!!!” I heard Scotty yelling from below, but because of the constant cracklings and my coughing from the smoke emanating from myself, I couldn’t hear him properly. “Get down from there this instant!”

“NOT TURBO-TATHTIIIIIC!!!” was all I had to shout before I finally lost fuel to my flight and immediately fell down and slid through some garden. I felt dirt and grass scrape against my flesh, but other than that, I felt something different. It wasn’t soft like flowers, but it was soft and squishy like…goo.

“You got the Spatter! Oh, thank you so much!” a female voice from behind spoke. “But in the process, you’ve messed up my garden!” I opened my eyes and saw below myself a black creature of some sort. I gasped and immediately stepped back from it. I looked behind myself and saw that the female voice belonged to a cow. If I remembered correctly, this one was called Clarabelle.

“Oh, why yeth!” I announced to her and straightened my whole body with pride. “I did catch the Thplatter—”


“Yeth, yeth, a Thpatter.”


~Speck’s POV

I smiled at the sight of the gremlin and the cow having a conversation without having to attack me. Well, sure, the gremlin landed and slid on top of me, but I knew entirely that it wasn’t his fault. I stood up and continued watching the two talking, but after a while, the cow started yelling at the gremlin for wrecking the garden.

This was my chance!

I grabbed a hold of my tail and aimed at the spot where it was most wrecked. As soon as I tried to send out some paint, the two turned their heads to me.  This made me nervous, no, panicked! And because of it, instead of seeing the color blue, out came the color green from my tail. Losing slight control of it (like anyone would with a hose somehow), my tail spewed out the thinner in whatever direction it pleased, and it shot itself right at the two fellows.

They both yelped as their bodies melted down to the ground. I placed my fingers onto my lips with nervousness and guilt. Oh, gosh, this was bad, this was really, really bad!

“Speedo! There you are!” I heard a voice call out from the distant. I looked over and saw that it was another gremlin, a purple suited and familiar one at that. “What on earth happened here!?” Say, wasn’t he the one I passed near the ice cream shop yesterday? Nevermind that; instead of speaking any further to whoever he was speaking to, he immediately caught sight of me. “You!”

I gasped loudly and tried to revive the cow and pale gremlin in order to calm the purple one’s nerves. Instead of returning them to their original forms, the paint only covered them in blue spots. The purple gremlin looked down at me grimly. “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean for this to happen!” was what I wanted to say, but instead, out came more gurgling.

“Haven’t you caused enough trouble already!?” the purple one exclaimed as he took a couple of steps towards me, forcibly making me walk back.

“Ha, ha, g-golly, sir,” was what I thought I’d say, but instead, only spitted out a couple of goop and black bubbles. Despite that, I continued to "explain" to the gremlin. “N-no need to be frustrated, I-I’ll fix this if you give me a couple of minutes to—”

“Get out of here before I throw you into the thinner pool,” the purple one warned. To that, I gasped and immediately ran off, leaving a messy trail behind myself. If only that could stop so nobody would chase after me! Honestly, if it hadn’t been for the purple one's harsh approaching, then I would’ve been able to revive the cow and gremlin in no time. They looked like they meant no harm, so why did they have to pay the price for my clumsiness? Why can't I ever fix anything without having to run away all the time? There's gotta be another way, and I planned to find that out.


~Gremlin Prescott’s POV

(A couple of minutes later; Ostown)

Thankfully, even without the mouse and his brush present to boss us toons around, the Guardians were still insisting on reviving those who’d make contact with their pools. Some of the toons of Ostown were kind enough to help revive Clarabelle and Speedo with some buckets of Tint water. Currently, Clarabelle was fixing up her garden, while Speedo here was still in the middle of training in the Gag Factory, sitting on the same chest he sat on just a few minutes earlier. Instead of following along, though, he kept complaining about how he wasn’t able to deal with the Spatter, and how he’s been thinned out and whatnot.

“Save your breath, Speedo, you’re back to normal,” I sighed. Saying that alone was a lie, even to myself. Of course I wanted to take care of Speck as quick as possible, and I know it was the rabbit's orders to do so, but I figured that time should be the one to punish him itself, just like it did to me. I put that thought aside and focused on getting this training session over with.

“Yeah, but wathn’t that the Mickey Mouthe character or thomething?” Speedo pointed out. I turned to him, wondering how he was able to figure that out right away. “What, you think I wouldn’t know, Thcotty? Hoohoo, ha, ha! Oh, pleathe, you know me—I’m entirely interethted in coding thtuff, tho don’t you think I didn’t thee what you’ve done with everybody around here.” Yes, I suppose that made sense—it’s like a child looking over at a parent while he or she was cooking a good meal, or whenever a parent would be doing anything productive, like fixing a car.

“It’th funny,” he began with a different topic, “flying felt a lot fathter than the way you guyth make it look.”

“That’s because your flying is faster than the rest of us,” I explained.

“Oh, I thee! My flying ability ith micthed in with the code of my kart. Therefore, the fathter I go, the more I’d heat up. Thay, can I go check on my kart?” he suddenly began to ask innocently. “What if my flying altho affecth my kart!? I have to go check on it right away!”  

“Not…until you’ve finished your training with me,” I reminded him. “Besides, you’re not going to be needing or using that for a while.”

“Maybe, but it holdth amathing memorieth; it’th all I’ve got left to remind me of the good ol’ dayth…” He instantly laid his whole body back onto the chest in disappointment. Somehow, a different feeling lit up inside me. At this moment, it would’ve been annoyance, but instead, it was a little bit of sympathy. I didn’t know why I felt sorry for him, but I suppose what he’s said reminded me a bit of myself—I had little to no things to remind me of “the good old days”, but if I were to name them, it’d be my own brilliance, and my special one Markus. I sighed and shook my head, but then gave a little grin to Speedo.

“How about, after this whole training session, we could find something to eat, then go and check on your kart?”

“OOH! Ooh!” he suddenly shouted out and sat up in pure excitement. “Maybe we could go grab thome food, head over to the Floatyard and eat over there! Huh? Huh?”

“Ha! No way, Speedo,” I laughed, “I’m not going to eat over there.”

“Aww, c’mon! It’ll be like hanging out!” he begged. I couldn’t help but smile to his childish attitude towards me. I gave a light sigh and pointed out…

“I’ll see what I can do.”  
Codes and Stories - Chapter 4: Day One

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Side comment: Sweet and sour, paint and thinner--that's what this chapter probably is.

Epic Mickey & Epic Mickey 2 (c) Junction Point

Turbo/Wreck-It Ralph (c) Walt Disney Studios

Codes and Stories fanfic (c) me
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