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Chapter 6: Two Buddies Alike

Be warned that this fanfic contains Marscott (Prescott x Markus) and Turbo (who is now known as Gremlin Speedo in here) from the movie “Wreck-It Ralph” as a little crossover thing to add. If you don’t like, please do not read any further.

This story takes place AFTER Epic Mickey 2 and during off-screen times.



~Gremlin Prescott’s POV

It probably wasn’t exactly the best time to leave Speedo behind, but Gus was expecting me at Mean Street North. Just like he said he would be, he was over by the Walt Statue. Alongside him was Gremlin Markus, something I didn’t really expect, but was glad to see the sight, anyway. I gave a little smile to him, in which he gave in return. Unfortunately, Gus’s subject was at matter, and I turned my head away to face him instead.

“So, what’s the trouble, Gus?” I asked and immediately crossed my arms. The look on Gus’s face was struck with deep worry, a little fear, even. This concerned me greatly. Markus noticed this as well, and thus, frowned along. I looked at Gus for a while, and it seemed he was finding it difficult to answer me. Whatever the situation was, I was just hoping that he—for whatever reason—wasn’t planning to take away my position.

He sighed and finally spoke.

“Prescott,” he began, hovering closer to me and placing his hand onto my shoulder, “the Mad Doctor has somehow broken out of prison.” My eyes widened to that. Markus gasped to that as well, as though Gus hasn’t told any of this information earlier to him. Ha, the old coot had actually waited till I’d get here!

“That can’t be!” Markus shook his head in disbelief. “Well, we gotta do SOMETHING about that, Uncle!”

“That, we do, lad,” Gus turned his head to Markus, then back to me with a smirk, “which is why we need you, Prescott.”

“…me?” I asked, putting my right hand onto my own chest. Gus nodded, but I only gave a small laugh. “Ha, ha! Right, Gus! Isn’t this supposed to be the rabbit’s job?” I patted Gus’s hand that was placed upon my shoulder, mainly to slightly mock him.

“Yes, he is taking care of it,” Gus acknowledged and took his hand away, “but what we need for you to do is to create something that can drive the Mad Doctor’s evil schemes away. Perhaps a portal, or another machine. That’s it, another machine! That way—”

“We can play fire with fire? Say, don’t you think it’d probably be a better idea if we were to, hmm, I don’t know,” I notably thought, rubbing my chin, “destroy him?

“…sure, that may be an option, but that’s a little barbaric,” Gus admitted and shook his head, to which displeased me. How could this idea be at all too harsh? Everyone knew he was the one who’s caused the quakes in the first place, the one who’s changed so many lives in here in Wasteland, and the one who nearly killed Markus! Worst of all, he made me into a gullible pawn! He fooled me with my own genius! Suddenly and unknowingly, I let my anger get the best of me.

“How is that idea any different from that mouse’s game of thinning out our Clock Tower!?!”

“Who…?” Gus and Markus questioned, both raising their eyebrows.

“There aren’t any mice around here,” Markus pointed out, “none, except for those Mickey Mouse stuff back at MickeyJunk Mountain.” I backed my head a little, a bit nervous that I shot out the mouse’s identity to those who didn’t even remember him. I made the subject look like it wasn’t anything important, so I crossed my arms and gave a little sigh.

“It’s nothing,” I suggested, “I just thought that, maybe, it was a better idea to rid the Mad Doctor from his existence. Isn’t it only suiting? If we do so, then we wouldn’t have to worry about any future schemes of his!” Markus breathed in to speak, as if he was seeing my side of the point, but Gus stopped him with a “halt” from his palm and stated to me, “Prescott, that would only make you look just as bad as he.” For once, he got me thinking differently—he did make a pretty good point. I didn’t want anybody to see me as a villain, a “notorious gremlin” again.

“Oh,” Markus sighed in disappointment. “I guess that makes sense…” He crossed his arms rather harshly, almost being eaten up by some hidden anger and desire for vengeance. It wasn’t like him at all, but I understood where he was coming from.

“Look, Markus, I know what’s happened to Jamface is hard,” Gus began, “but there are always different ways of justice and punishment other than…vengeance and destruction, lad.”

“…yeah, I get it, Uncle,” Markus sighed once again. He then turned his eyes towards me. “Well, I gotta go get back to work. Good luck on your duty, Prescott.” He gave us both a little salute, and before I could give him the best of luck as well, his toon body separated into purple-shaded bubbles and disappeared from our sight. I stared at the spot a little sadly, but resumed back to my normal state and faced Gus.

“Prescott,” Gus spoke softly, but then gave a smile of confidence to me, a smile I’ve always wanted to see from him, “we’re all counting on you with this.” I felt the side of my lip curl up into a grin. I nodded and, for the first time in forever, raised my right arm up to my head and saluted to him.

“Don’t you worry, Gus,” I spoke proudly, “none of you will be disappointed.”

“Thank you, Prescott,” Gus smiled and saluted back as he teleported away. I took a couple of seconds to appreciate the feeling of being taken advantage of with my brilliance. I gave a good chuckle to myself and teleported away to the Floatyard.


I hovered towards what was going to be the greatest moment of my lifetime. Not only because my genius was going to be seen by the eyes of those who had wrongfully ignored me, but because I was finally going to have my revenge onto the Mad Doctor as well. It’s a miracle, though, how he was able to keep his intelligence, even after I’ve deleted his code (or as Speedo referred to, tried to delete. I suppose one’s code couldn’t be fully deleted if they already belonged to that world).

Speaking of Speedo, I've come to notice that I was passing by some black smoke. I turned my head to where it was coming from, and it seemed that it was emanating from his kart's engine. I coughed from all the black smoke it was greeting to me. If his theory was correct, then perhaps its code really was mixed up with Speedo’s flying ability; thus, making it in the horrible state it was in right now. Looking at the kart made me look back to what Speedo has been begging me to have permission for since this morning. Quite frankly, I was witnessing why he had every reason to go check on his kart, and I felt a little guilty for not to have given him the opportunity.

Hypothetically, I probably deserved the poison his kart was sending down through my lungs. Of course, I didn’t take pleasure with any of that. Suddenly, I thought up of a brilliant idea. Not only was I going to fix the kart back to its normal state, but I also planned to use my genius to the best of my advantage. I know I was supposed to be working on something that’ll help all of Wasteland, but what’s a couple of minutes going to do? Besides, Wasteland needed someone to entertain them with his jolliness at a time of deep depression.

Yes, with Speedo’s hobby of entertaining others with his racing act (combined with my amazing skills of creating, of course), there is no way Wasteland will be aware of the many dangers that I will soon put to a cease.


(Four hours later; the hour of the bunny children rampage; Ostown)

It was about four by the time I finally returned to the Gag Factory. To my surprise, everything in here was clean, even when it was clearly the hour when the bunny children would come out and reveal their nasty work around. In short terms, the Gag Factory was in good shape, even when Speedo looked as downed as most of the citizens did throughout Wasteland. He was leaning on the same chest with his back turned to me.

“Oh, you’re here,” he mumbled to me in the calmest tone I’ve heard from him. No, it wasn’t calm as in soothing; it was calm in a way where I couldn’t tell whether he was frustrated, sad, or even both. It was the sound of hidden, mixed emotions, and I felt a little concerned to that. I cleared my throat and spoke firmly, “I see you’ve got most of your work done, especially with the bunny children. How exactly did you deal with them?”

“Thimple, I jutht gave them thome candy,” he sighed. “Their mother wathn’t really proud of that, but whatever it taketh to keep thith plathe maintained, then whatever with it…” I was somehow a little annoyed with the attitude he was giving towards me. Sure, he was finally answering me and have actually gotten things done, but it was just the tone that really irritated me the most. Really, my declining of the supposed deal we had earlier couldn’t have gotten him THIS down!

“Speedo, what ever is the matter?” I asked calmly, trying to make sure I wouldn’t start an argument of any sort.

“It’th nothing,” Speedo replied as he finally stood up, “now begone with you, I’ve got work to do!” This surprised me, and I couldn’t help but feel a little amused to this. If this whole attitude of his originated because of the deal, then declining it certainly was a good idea after all—it’s gotten him to actually realize the reality he was in and will always be in.

Wait, no! I can’t back this down now! Not after all the time and sweat I’ve put onto fixing his kart! To cover up my frustrated thoughts, I chuckled at Speedo’s attitude and mentioned, “You know, Speedo, I came here to tell you that I have come to the conclusion that I have changed my mind about that deal we’ve made earlier.”  

“...thay what now…?” he asked effortlessly and turned his head to me.

“You remember what you’ve asked from me earlier, don’t you?”

“Oh, yeah, about that—how ‘bout later? Or maybe tomorrow? I’ve got a lot of thingth to take care of…”

“…Speedo, I don’t have all day. As a matter of fact, I should be working on another important duty, but—”

“Then why aren’t you!?”

Alright, he was really getting me on my nerves now. I barely clenched my fists and instantly rushed to Speedo and pulled his arm along.

“Ah! Hey! Let go!” he grunted as he struggled to try to pull away from my grasp. Funny, isn’t this what had happened to me while he tried to lead me to the code room that one night?

“Speedo,” I began, still pulling him along while hovering, “I only want to get this whole ‘deal’ over with.”

“I thought you thaid you don’t ‘make promitheth’,” he growled as he finally loosened up and kept still. From the corner of my eye, I saw that he gave a little mocking grin. “Heh, you know, you’re only being a traitor to yourthelf.”

“Oh, keep silent, will you?” I commanded. After a while of hovering, I finally made the decision to teleport away from Ostown and back to the Floatyard with Speedo still in my hold.


“Alright, Speedo, this will only be a quick look,” I lied as I finally released him and crossed my arms. “If there’s anything wrong with your kart, you can go fix it after work, you got it?” I was able to keep a steady face and hold my laugh from Speedo’s clueless state. However, he looked a little suspicious with the situation, and I was only hoping he wouldn’t make any predictions or guesses.

“You got it, ‘both’,” he exhaled loudly and gave me a thumb up. I already knew what he’s said and done was both out of sarcasm, but it felt a little nice to hear someone calling me “boss”. Although, it just wasn’t pleasant sounding coming from Speedo here…

He lamely walked to the direction where his kart would be. It was at the same spot alright, only…

“Hey, I don’t remember covering you with a dutht cover,” he spoke curiously. “Hmmm…”

“Well, why don’t you try uncovering it?” I suggested, almost giving a hint of a little smile, to which I did not intend to show. Luckily with the distance he was in, he wasn’t able to see it. With a little grumble, he pulled away the dust cover and immediately gasped in pure shock.

“Milk my DUDTH!!!” he yelled with, to what I hoped was amazement. “What a BEAUTY you have become!!! Hoo, hoo, hoo!!!” He instantly turned to me while pointing at his kart. “Thcotty! D-did you do thith…for me!?!

“Ehh, not exactly for you,” I admitted as I hovered over to him and leaned on the side of the newly upgraded kart, “but, Wasteland needed someone to entertain it and its citizens while it’s still in peril…”

“WOO-HOO-HOO! Oh, thank you, Thcotty! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!” he laughed and jumped around ecstatically, almost as though he was going to explode like he did earlier at Ostown. Yes, I suppose the new look of the kart did look rather impressive, if I do say so myself. “Tho what doeth it do NOW!?!” he asked away as he immediately jumped right onto the seat of his kart, looking pumped up to take off with it.

“Well, while I took my time fixing this contraption,” I began to explain, giving a good few pats to the hood of the kart, “I’ve also taken the liberty of upgrading it to its full potential. For example, whenever you, yourself, decide to take flight at full speed, the engine is fixed up at its highest so it wouldn’t heat up no matter how fast you would go.”

“Oooh, hoo, hoo!” he continued giggling and bouncing excitedly. Knowing that someone was actually excited about a bit of my creation built onto their prized possession, the sight and sound of it made me feel…happy, perhaps even a little proud, if not at all grateful to even be present to the situation. I smiled and continued explaining the kart’s new functions. The more I explained to him about its new abilities, the more I thought of Tomorrow City. With its new ability to hover around (to prevent traffic on Mean Street) and to take off in incredible speed, it seemed to be suiting to drive this in a place like Tomorrow City. Yes, it seemed like that was the place meant for these two buddies alike. Why haven’t I thought of keeping them there before?

“Oh, I’ve never felt tho ecthited like THITH, Thcotty! I’ve never felt tho alive!” he cheered, gripping onto the stirring wheel and readying himself to drive off into the mercy of Wasteland’s skies. Without realizing it, I’ve let down my guard and was suddenly pulled into the kart beside Speedo. “C’mon, you have GOT to have a ride with thith thing!”

“Oh-ho-no, Speedo,” I chuckled nervously and shook my head, “this is for YOU to control and you only. Besides, I—!”

“You’re crazy if you’re thinking I’d ever let YOU drive thith!” Speedo laughed as he pushed a button to start the engine. I wasn’t ready for this, and I immediately wanted to head off, but somehow, my body didn’t let me do so. “No, buddy! I jutht want you to ecthperienthe the whole fun about ‘full thpeed’ and how it’th done!”

“No, Speedo! I don’t have time for THIIIIIIIS!!!” I was immediately cut off by the wrath of Speedo’s excitement. We were instantly in the air, and...sure, I was able to control huge machines and expect destruction from here and there, but I was NOT used to this kind of speed at all!


~Gremlin Speedo’s POV

We were flying in the air! No, we were DRIVING in the air! With a futuristic kart! With MY kart! This was the greatest feeling I’ve ever had! Even greater than the first time I flew earlier! Forget TurboTime, forget RoadBlasters—heck!—forget that sugar-coated-darkness-of-a-game! THIS was living the dream! Now other than Scotty’s screamings beside me, all I needed was an audience. I looked below ourselves and saw the magnificence of Wasteland. Sure, it was all ruined because of the quake, but it certainly still held the toony beauty that can catch any gamer’s eye! Just like my kart would with these citizens right now!

I dashed at full speed through the clouds, trying to get everyone else’s attention from down below us. Just as I wanted, the crowd immediately turned their heads towards my direction and gathered around to come and see the new eye-catching event. I gave a big smile and thumbs up to them as I continued driving along through the skies, doing whatever I can to please the audience.

“Speedo, can you please take a stop down there? I think I’m going to be sick,” Scotty gagged beside me, holding onto his stomach. Ha, ha! This only amused me more and it urged me to continue on.

“We’re not done here yet, Thcotty!” I grinned. “NOT until I hear the crowd cheering for me!”

“Oh, dear…”

I drove through more clouds in a certain speed that’d allow them to follow along my kart for as long as they could. I made a couple of turns, left and right, here and there, until I was finished with what I had intended for the clouds to do. I looked behind myself and saw exactly what I had let them, spell out…


“TURBO-TATHTIIIC!” I hollered out, and just as I raised both my arms up in pride, the crowd below cheered and applauded. Just as I promised to Scotty here, I finally slowed down and drove down to Mean Street North and stopped in front of a certain toon who also happened to be watching. To my displeasure, the toon didn’t look too happy, seeing as to how he was tapping his foot continuously and stared down at me with narrowed eyes. As uncomforting as the sight was, I grinned at him. It was probably too soon, it probably wasn’t a wise idea, and it most certainly wasn’t the right time to do this, but my heart of habit couldn’t beg any longer. Without further ado, I immediately pointed at him and announced…

“King Othwald—I challenge you to have a rathe with me!”
Codes and Stories - Chapter 6: Two Buddies Alike

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Epic Mickey & Epic Mickey 2 (c) Junction Point

Turbo/Wreck-It Ralph (c) Walt Disney Studios

Codes and Stories fanfic (c) me
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