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Okay, Lilly, this was something I’ve been meaning to upload for your birthday AFTER I’d finish your request. But because I’ve been procrastinating for too long, I’ve decided to upload this so that you can be entertained with something while I’m still in the works of it. I hope you enjoy, my good friend, and happy late birthday ^.^

For those who must know, this is a little crossover page between those two envious pricks you all know as Turbo and Gremlin Prescott. It won’t explain how these two have met (I’ll tell you guys in the future), but it will have a somewhat bit of Marscott (Prescott x Markus) mentioned in here. Other than that…enjoy yourselves. One more thing--this story takes place AFTER Epic Mickey 2, but during off-screen times. It’ll probably suck, but whatever…


~Gremlin Prescott’s POV


I was disrupted by the sound of the lisp-speaking goofy racer called Turbo, but because I didn’t really care for his title, I normally called him Speedo. In return, he’d call me Scotty (a name in which I was displeased with, but it made us even). Anyway, I was building a mechanical arm in the Floatyard when I saw below myself Speedo calling out for me.

“What is it, Speedo?” I sighed in annoyance as I hovered down a few feet in front of the hideous character. I crossed my arms, waiting for his answer.

“Thcotty, you hate being looked down at, don’t ya?” he questioned me.

“I don’t need to be reminded, thank you…”

“Well, great! ‘Cauthe there’th thomething I thought I’d like to show you. Thomething that would change your life forever!” he replied with a grin that was increasingly growing so unnecessarily large that I could’ve sworn I saw the pinkness of his gums.

Also, need that I tell you that Speedo here and I aren’t exactly what you’d call friends. To him, I was only a helper of whatever he wanted me to build for him. As for me, he was nothing but a nuisance that wouldn’t leave me with my space until I’d fulfill his needs. Why I bothered with him, I don’t even know.

So, at this moment, it was kind of confusing as to why he wanted to change my life. Honestly, from what I’ve observed from this racer, he was just as selfish as any child could be. No, it couldn’t be because for me. This was obviously some kind of scam he wanted to give to me for his own benefits. What benefits would be great for him if my life would be the one to change?

I scoffed at his offer.

“What, you don’t believe me?” Speedo instantly frowned in disappointment, but still continued to show his golden teeth, as if growling underneath them.

“Why should I believe you?”

“Well, fine, you don’t have to believe me,” he rolled his eyes, but then instantly perked up and smiled once again as he suddenly grabbed my arm and pulled me along. “But I want you to come with me, anyway.”

“Hey! Let go!” I bellowed as I tried to pull myself away, but to no avail. In an instant, I gave in and decided to go along with this little monster.

He took me along the Floatyard, and explored every spick and span of it until he reached the most trashed area. It was silent, and as expected, no one else was around, and neither was anything of particular interest. I lamely pulled myself away from Speedo’s grasp and slowly hovered low enough until my feet came in contact with the ground.

“A pile of garbage—that’s just as interesting and lively as watching you racing without an audience cheering,” I scoffed as I crossed my arms and tapped my foot with a bit of impatience. For a moment, I thought that’d tick him off. Instead (to my displeasure), he completely ignored me and walked over to a smaller pile of garbage and started digging through it.

“Where ith that thing?” I heard him mumbling under his own breath as he continued browsing.

“Look, Speedo, I appreciate your whole ‘changing my life’ gimmick, but I’ve got my own project to work on,” I shook my head as I tried to walk away, but then was interrupted by an—


I flinched a little to the sudden shout and turned to see what Speedo was holding onto.

“…a leash?”

“Yeth, and I’ll need you to hold onto it,” he told me as he tied the leash around his waist. He threw the end of the leash to me, and with my quick reflexes, I was able to catch it.

“Why are you wearing this thing?” I asked in deep curiosity. Now things were getting even more curious—he shoved himself right into the pile of trash. What on earth was going on?

“C’mon, Thcotty! Follow me!” I heard him call out from the other side as I felt the leash being tugged, gesturing me to come along. No, I was NOT going to put myself through this pile of junk—literally! I wasn’t going to get myself even filthier than I already am from all the grease and oil I’ve worked with, and I definitely wasn’t going to get myself stuck to, who knows where, with THAT guy!

“I’m not going through there with you!” I shouted in aggravation, but I was immediately pulled by the end of the leash and dragged into the pile of…you know what I mean. But instead of being crowded by scraps of metal and useless junk, I was in a small hallway of some sort. It was pitch black, but the only light source there were was Speedo’s glowing yellow eyes, and some light blue outlines of circles (that looked as though they shaped Wasteland’s hero’s head) straight ahead.

Without any words coming out of either of our mouths, we continued to walk forward. Thankfully, it wasn’t much of a long walk, as Speedo and I finally stopped in front of some circular door with the blue outlined head.

“Where is this leading to, Speedo!?” I blurted as I gripped onto the leash a little tighter. He slowly turned his head towards me dramatically, leaving me a little disturbed. I showed every sign of it, raising my eyebrow and backing my head away a little.

“Thith world…will blow your mind,” he breathed out as he gestured his hands apart from each other like he usually would, as if he were shaping a rainbow of some sort.

World? I thought to myself. I was instantly standing in trance, and I felt, what I think it could be, butterflies in my stomach. It was either out of nervousness, or a deep, hidden excitement. Could this be a door to a whole new, different world? If so…why couldn’t I have found this before?

I look over at Speedo, and see that he takes out a slip of paper from his pocket. I took a little peek, seeing that there was some sort of…code written down?

“Quarter, thircle, back,” I heard him mumbling as he pressed the buttons on the door in a ridiculous manner. “Geeth, eathietht pathword in a long time.” he rolled his eyes as the door finally opened. What lied on the other side was completely out of my expectations. It wasn’t an exciting world with any environment or lively things placed around anywhere. Instead, it was a huge, black room filled with purple and pink prisms floating up ahead. It looked as though it were a whole different dimension.

“Careful here, Thcotty, thith ith why I wanted you to hold onto thith leash,” he warned me as he stepped out of the hallway and into the big, black room. He was now floating in a way that he appeared to be underwater, only he was in midair. “But thinth you gremlin fellowth can, err…flutter, I should thay,” he continued, “you won’t have a problem with thith plathe.”

He instantly pulled me forward, with me still keeping my grip onto the leash. The instant my whole body entered this strange place, I felt almost as though I lost weight, like as if in outer space. Again, though, because I was capable of floating (or fluttering, whatever you prefer to call it) around at will, I was able to follow Speedo with no problem. I have to admit, the way he “swam” in air kind of looked utterly ridiculous, and I couldn’t help but snicker to myself, something I don’t normally do in a long while.

As we got closer to the prisms, I noticed that they were imprinted with many familiar names on them: there was Gilda, Clarabelle, Animatronic Daisy, Horace, all kinds of names floating everywhere in these prisms! And then there it was—my name to the right of me, Gremlin Prescott. I stopped as I took a while to look at that particular prism. I felt the leash stop as well as Speedo turned back to me.

“Speedo,” I began as I reached my hand to the prism in front of me. “What is this place?” As soon as my hand came in contact with it, a couple of beeping noises occurred, and the prism divided into smaller, lighter blue rectangles in less than a second. I flinched a little from this occurrence, but it only made me feel a little more excited.

“Oh, thith plathe?” Speedo answered as he floated a few feet next to me. “Well, thith ith the code room of your whole world.”

“…code room?” I repeated as I turned to Speedo.

“Yeah! Thith plathe ith where every, thingle one of you get your thtorieth!” he blurted as he raised his arms up in the air, as if praising the whole statement. “Look, you thee here?” He nudged me out of the way as he placed his hand onto one of the little rectangles and began browsing. He spoke as he pointed at a specific rectangle, which had a picture of a brain on it. “Thith ith where you get your intelligenthe.”

At the moment, I was still a little confused about this whole thing, but after a few of his explanations, I started to catch on.

“So, you’re telling me,” I began, “that this room…is the whole reason why we live and how we live the way we do…?”

“Ecthactly!” Speedo exclaimed in pure goofiness. “It’th like your guyth’th whole thtorybook!”

“…then I don’t like it,” I assured softly as I looked down lamely, my eyes narrowed with disbelief. I didn’t want to believe that I was meant to live like this, having to have everybody look down at me the way they do, having to be neglected by the one I’ve looked up to for as long as I can remember, and for having to lose to such ridiculous excuses of creation, the ones they call the “heroes” of Wasteland.

“Aaand, that’th why I brought ya here, Thcotty,” Speedo pointed out as he solemnly eyed at me.  “Tho that you can change your thtory…duh.”

My eyes widened at that statement.

“…is it really…? Could it be? Is it really possible?” I questioned as I turned my full body and attention towards Speedo.

“Yup,” he nodded, “all you have to do ith change the codeth! Now let’th thee…uhh, ith there thomeone you deeply dethpithe out of all the creationth you’ve encountered in thith wathteland???”

That was quite a foolish question, if I do say, because everybody surely has someone or something they do put their full hatred towards to. In other words, of course there was someone I despised in this wasteland. If I had to shout the name in order to rid of his very existence, I would dare do it in front of everybody. I would dare shout his name if it meant to answer this creature’s question. I would dare shout…

“Mickey Mouse…” Okay, maybe I didn’t exactly shout there, but I’m sure you folks understand what I mean.

“Oh, him!?” Speedo announced, as if he felt the same kind of grudge I held within myself. Huh, someone to share my thoughts with—brilliant. “Oh, he’th over here.”

He led the way as I continued looking at more prisms floating around me. More names of characters and places: Mean Street, Bog Easy, Blot Alley, Gremlin Sparks, and then…Gremlin Jamface. With the memorable and familiar names floating around us, I suspected we were getting closer to the center of the whole room. As the names began to become more and more familiar, from Ortensia to the Mad Doctor to Gremlin Gus, Speedo finally took a halt.

“Here it ith.”

Just like Speedo stated, there it was, the mouse's prism code right in front of us. But because this story was meant to have a "heroic duo," the rabbit's prism code was next to his as well, placed as so: Oswald the Lucky Rabbit to my right, and Mickey Mouse to my left. Looking at these made me feel as though as I was looking at their very souls, something so vulnerable to grasp and play around with, and they were all right there.

“Ya thee, Thcotty?” Speedo grinned as he leaned his elbow onto the mouse’s prism code. “Tho many pothibilitieth.” Though I am a genius, I am also but a little embarrassed to tell you that I am not at all familiar with coding around with these kinds of things. Regrettably, I let my clueless side get the best of me…

“…what do I do?”    

“What do you—!? Ttt, ack, what do you DO!?” Speedo began to snicker out loud.

“Excuse me, but I have never known about the existence of this room, and surely I—!” but instead of him stopping to let me speak, he continued laughing about. “Pay attention, you fool!”

“Oh, I’m thorry, Mithter ‘Geniuth’!” he continued snickering as he held his round belly to catch his breath. “You call yourthelf the ‘thmartetht of gremlinth’, and yet you can’t figure out how to work on any of thith!” He continued to laugh so hard, I could hardly keep my face from getting any redder from pure aggravation, anger, and unwillingly, humiliation. I wasn’t going to let this thing continue laughing down at me. So without letting him have his full enjoyment, I interrupted him gladly but irritatingly.

“How’s it that you have known about this room, and yet the lot of us haven’t!?” I tried to change the topic. Unexpectedly but fortunately, it worked. Of course, though, it took a couple of breaths for him to catch on and finally ease up a bit.

“I like thearching high and low in every world I come acroth,” he answered as he panted a few more times. “Yup…” He nodded and kept a grin on his face, but the whole room went silent for a moment. Silent, because I was waiting for him to lecture me (I can’t believe I’ve said that) on how to work out these codes, and silent, because he was most likely trying to take in a couple of minutes to answer me. I suppose it was understandable, seeing how all these looked pretty difficult to work on. At the same time, though, I didn’t want to wait, I couldn’t wait.

As I took a breath to speak, he finally breathed out some words. About time…

“Okay, tho here’th what ya gotta do,” he began.


“And that’th all,” Speedo took a breath out. If I calculated correctly, the lecture took about fifteen minutes of our lives. What a blast. “There, NOW do you underthtand!?”

“Of course I do!” I bragged as I straightened myself and placed my left hand onto my chest with pride. “I am a genius, after all.”

“Yeah, yeah, now do what you pleathe,” Speedo sighed lamely as he crossed his arms and leaned on one of the prisms.


But before I could drift off around the room and change the codes, I began to wonder. There were so many prisms in here that held everybody’s and everything’s name, but not one of them were imprinted with the one name I’ve been dying to see, even with just a glimpse. I suppose his name wasn’t important to the story, but to me, his name meant so much more. Mainly, because he was the only gremlin who saw everything in me that nobody else was capable to see. He saw my genius, he saw my inventions, and most importantly, he saw the heart in me that didn’t even exist in my body. The one special gremlin that couldn’t give me any more than what I could ask for couldn’t even give me a glimpse of his name in this room…

Why wasn’t Markus’s code around here?

“Ith thomething wrong?” I heard Speedo’s voice call out to me. I turned to him, unwillingly hoping he could probably figure out how to…fix this.

“It’s…a friend of mine,” I lied. Giving that Speedo wasn’t exactly my friend, there was really no point of telling him the name I was looking for belonged to somebody special to me. I didn’t want to get too personal with him; it just wasn't the right level for the both of us. “I can’t find his name anywhere…why is that?”

“Oh. I don’t know, what’th the thtory?” he asked.

“…he’s in the hospital right now.”

“Oh, I thee, hith code ithn’t in here,” Speedo reminded me (which I didn’t really need, since I asked him why), but then he continued, “becauthe he wath in thith world’th predethethor, correct?”

I nodded slowly to his statement.

“Ah…then I gueth that meanth he’th not program—err, meant to be recovered.”

My heart dropped. I couldn’t believe that, it just wasn’t fair. Of all the characters’ stories that had to stop, why did his have to end like that? Him being stuck in the hospital for the rest of his life!? No! I couldn’t cope with that, I just couldn’t!

“However,” Speedo interrupted my thoughts as I nearly clenched my fists, “you can bring hith code over here and jam it onto the character that replathed him in thith world.”

“…funny you say that word,” I emphasized as I turned my head towards the prism that was imprinted with Gremlin Jamface onto it. I’ll deal with you later…

As for now, I wanted to bring my focuses right back towards the mouse’s code itself. I teleported back a few inches in front of the prism, giving a couple of good seconds to look at its glowing and flickering violet color.



“…why are you letting me do this?”

“Oh…well, thith ithn’t a rathing game, tho I didn’t thee any reathon why I should be the one to meth around with it.” He gave it a shrug, giving me a little relief that he didn’t care much about taking over our world (he’s told me stories about what he’s done, and boy, were they unpleasant yet intriguing). “You’ve been an okay guy to me, tho I wanted to thee how thingth would turn out if you changed it. I thought it’d be interethting to thee thomeone take down an unforgettable thtar.”

With all that he’s said to me, I couldn’t help but smile a little to that. I turned back to the mouse’s codes and…sure the rabbit was just as much of a nuisance as the mouse was, but on a lighter note, he DID have a resentment towards the mouse before. So maybe it’d be a bit interesting if his soft spot for the mouse was all I could take away. Besides, Wasteland still needed a leader, and even I know I couldn’t deal with that kind of labor.

I took a few last moments looking at the glowing beauty flickering from the total waste of a creation. I slowly reached towards the wires, and tightly grasped them. In an instant, I felt ecstatic doing what I was doing, as if addicted. It felt absolutely great, knowing that I was able to change this mouse’s life and story in this world with my own hands. I felt my lips curl up into a smile, and I heard myself chuckle as I pulled off every single wire that kept this character fully alive—one by one.


Having the actions that Prescott has caused, nobody in Wasteland knew Mickey was their hero. All they thought of him was that of a Spatter that wanted to make itself look like a popular character, but fail miserably. Even the king of Wasteland, Oswald, treated him as though Mickey didn’t belong. This amused Prescott greatly, but with all the humiliation caused towards Mickey, there were other things the envious gremlin couldn’t stop thinking about.

What about Markus? Would have switching Jamface’s and Markus’s codes work out just the way Turbo had interpreted? Would Markus be alright and continue looking up Prescott as a good guy, despite what he’s done to Wasteland’s hero? I suppose that only time will tell for the fate of these characters' codes and stories...
Codes and Stories - Prologue

Codes and Stories Poster -->
Chapter 1 - A Fresh Start -->

Tired of going back and forth? All of the pages are right here --> fantasyfreak-fangirl.deviantar…

Side comment: A gift to my amazing friend, :iconpoplilly4009:, so that she has something to entertain herself with while waiting ^^; Sorry this took so long and that this IS long = ^ =. It probably sucks, BUT! I'm happy with it, so yeah :shrug: I'm not sure if I'm gonna continue this, but if you guys like it, I may work on sections of this story (like, just scenes of it and not a full story or whatever).

I hope this is good enough to keep you on the edge of your seat, Lilly <X-I Enjoy yourself, folks ^^;

Also, sorry for the way I type Turbo's dialogue, but you know! He has a lisp, so...yeah. I hope you guys will be able to understand what he's saying ^^;

You can full view the picture right here -->

Gremlin Prescott & Other Gremlins/Epic Mickey (c) Roald Dahl and Junction Point

Turbo/Wreck-It Ralph (c) Walt Disney Studios

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit (c) Walt Disney and Universal Pictures

Mickey Mouse (c) Walt Disney

Codes and Stories fanfic (c) me
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