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January 10, 2013
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White Victory, Black Vengeance - My OCs by FantasyFreak-FanGirl White Victory, Black Vengeance - My OCs by FantasyFreak-FanGirl
Hey, guys, I just wanted to show you all that I'm capable of drawing things other than cartoon characters, so...yeah, here's MY OCs in rainbow order...
I don't know if there'll ever be a time where I explain to you guys about the story I have in mind that is original and NOT a fanfic kind of thing, cause it is LONG; but you might see me upload some of my OC pictures from time to time (I know none of you care) so...enjoy :shrug:

Here's just a list of the relationships between the characters and stuff...

*Note: if you see the word "God" under here, it is simply talking about one of the Gods I made up and not our God, for this story takes place in another world called "Dakeronster"...also, these aren't ALL my OCs...some are left out, because of difficulty of concept designs and such...


Title: Queen of Eternal Youth
Age: Between 3-5 in physical appearance, 1000+ in reality
Affiliation: Neutral; even with an "emotionless" heart, she feels total sympathy for those who are close to death
Relationships: Sir (brother), Derek (friend)

Dark Yo (real name unknown)
Title: Elemental Mistake (Fire)
Age: 15
Affiliation: Anti-Heroin/Anti-Villain; does terrible things but only for the good of his younger sibs
Relationships: Mizorine (enemy), Boomer Bomb (younger brother/rival), Genocide (teacher), Turbo Boost (younger brother/best friend), Raymi Drop (younger sister/best friend), Zoomer Sicle (younger brother/best friend), Roofus (rival), Rachelle (crush)

Mizorine (a.k.a. Miz)
Title: Key of the Caravan Curse
Age: 13
Affiliation: Heroin; loves to stay strong and helping others, even when he barely knows them
Relationships: Sophia (neutral), Dark Yo (enemy), Boomer Bomb (neutral), Sahanna (friend), Xavier (close friend), Genocide (enemy), Blight (friend), DooMi (best friend), Raujen (good friend), KiKi (best friend), Turbo Boost (acquaintance), Sir (friend), Raymi Drop (rival), Zoomer Sicle (friend), Derek (close friend), Roofus (best friend/broski), Rachelle (best friend), Zhang (good friend), Belldame (rival/enemy), Marcadoc (rival/friend), Drathe (friend/hidden crush), BaMi (best friend), Valitore (enemy), Toad (friend), Disdain (enemy), Binky (friend)

Boomer Bomb (real name unknown)
Title: Elemental Mistake (Earth)
Age: 5
Affiliation: Neutral; never forgives and never forgets
Relationships: Dark Yo (rival), Mizorine (neutral), Turbo Boost (older brother/neutral), Raymi Drop (older sister/neutral), Zoomer Sicle (younger brother/close friend)

Title: Light Carrier (light sorceress)
Affiliation: Neutral; but helps whoever comes to her aid
Relationships: Dark Yo (enemy), Mizorine (close friend), Roofus (friend/hidden crush), Rachelle (close friend), Disdain (enemy)

Title: Street Rat
Age: 9
Affiliation: Good; just a kid who needs a home
Relationships: Mizorine (close friend), Genocide (secret friend), DooMi (friend), KiKi (friend), Roofus (friend), Rachelle (friend), Marcadoc (close friend), Drathe (neutral), BaMi (friend), Disdain (enemy)

Title: Demon Butterfly
Age: 600+
Affiliation: Villain; brutally murders demon hunters and citizens, and checks out teenage boys...also hates females and brave children in general...
Relationships: Dark Yo (student/neutral), Mizorine (enemy), Sahanna (enemy), Xavier (secret friend), Blight (enemy), Derek (neutral/enemy), Roofus (deep crush), Rachelle (enemy), Zenic (long time partner), Binky (enemy)

Title: Golden Sword of Flight
Age: 1000+
Affiliation: Heroin; a legendary weapon wielded by a hero who has long been gone
Relationships: Mizorine (friend), Genocide (enemy), Derek (wielder), Valitore (enemy), Zenic (enemy), Disdain (enemy)

DooMi (real name unknown)
Title: Bumble Bee
Age: 614
Affiliation: Good; a rag doll with a soul who's hyped up to make anyone smile
Relationships: Mizorine (best friend), Xavier (friend), KiKi (best friend), BaMi (best friend), Binky (friend), Clara (friend)

Title: Cursed Father
Age: 37
Affiliation: Neutral; just a dad who can't be able to use magic or will get sick...often worries for his two kids who have ran away
Relationships: Mizorine (good friend), Roofus (oldest son/enemy), Rachelle (youngest daughter/enemy), Binky (friend), Clara (friend)

KiKi (real name unknown)
Title: Black Spider
Age: 612
Affiliation: Good; has a cold personality, but only shows it for the good of others
Relationships: Mizorine (best friend), Xavier (friend), DooMi (best friend), Belldame (long time friend/enemy), Drathe (neutral), BaMi (best friend), Valitore (enemy), Toad (neutral), Disdain (enemy), Binky (neutral), Clara (neutral)

Title: Serial Killer
Age: 17
Affiliation: Anti-Heroin/Anti-Villain; mysterious, insane, and confused, this long-time-depressed-brother believes his terrible actions are for the good of his younger sibs
Relationships: Russell (younger half-brother/believes to be evil), Pacific (pet), Derek (younger brother/motivation), Zhang (long time friend), Angelina (mother/believes to be fake and evil), Zenic (step-father/enemy), Ariel (younger half-sister/believes to be evil), Mariel (younger sister)

Boostah (real name unknown)
Title: Elemental Mistake (Wind)
Age: 11
Affiliation: Good; even with the knowledge of knowing his older bro causes criminal actions, he still keeps his sibs smiling and going
Relationships: Dark Yo (older brother/best friend), Mizorine (neutral), Boomer Bomb (younger brother), Raymi Drop (younger sister/best friend), Zoomer Sicle (younger brother/best friend), Rachelle (rival)

Sir (real name, Bo)
Title: King of Magic
Age: 60s-70s in physical appearance, 1000+ in reality
Affiliation: Villain/Turning Heroin; guilty of his actions, he makes it up by putting a stop on whatever evil plot's going on throughout Dakeronster
Relationships: Sophia (sister), Mizorine (friend), Blight (friend), Derek (surrogate son/motivation), Valitore (rival), Zenic (enemy), Disdain (enemy)

Raymi Drop (real name unknown)
Title: Elemental Mistake (Water)
Age: 9
Affiliation: Neutral; shows no sympathy towards enemies, but shows her true soft side only to her sibs
Relationships: Dark Yo (older brother/best friend), Mizorine (neutral), Boomer Bomb (younger brother), Turbo Boost (older brother/best friend), Zoomer Sicle (younger brother/best friend), Derek (rival/hidden crush)

Title: Demon who can Touch God
Age: 3
Affiliation: Good; being a half-demon and half-human, he strives to become a pure human so that he can reach God's hand
Relationships: Daniel (older half-brother), Pacific (pet/friend), Derek (older half-brother/close friend), Angelina (mother), Zenic (father/rival), Ariel (older sister/good friend)

Zoomer Sicle (real name unknown)
Title: Elemental Mistake (Crystallize/Form/Commonly Ice)
Age: 4
Affiliation: Good; young, bright, and cheerful, this kid ice skates around everywhere he goes and never sees the dark side of life
Relationships: Dark Yo (older brother/best friend), Mizorine (friend), Boomer Bomb (older brother/best friend), Turbo Boost (older brother/best friend) Raymi Drop (older sister/best friend)

Title: God's Messenger
Age: 10
Affiliation: Good; at certain times, he has a voice which helps guide the heroes, and at other times, he's...well, a dog
Relationships: Daniel (family), Russell (family), Derek (owner/best friend), Angelina (family), Zenic (enemy), Ariel (family), Mariel (family)

Title: Black Knight
Age: 12
Affiliation: Main Protagonist/Hero; a long lost hero who has finally waken up
Relationships: Sophia (friend), Mizorine (best friend/ally), Sahanna (friend), Genocide (neutral/enemy), Blight (weapon partner), Daniel (older brother/loves and fears), Sir (surrogate father), Raymi Drop (rival), Russell (younger half-brother/close friend), Pacific (family pet/best friend/ally), Roofus (friend/ally), Rachelle (friend/ally), Dartella (guardian/ally), Zhang (best friend/ally), Belldame (rival), Drathe (friend), Angelina (mother/rival), Valitore (enemy), Toad (friend), Zenic (enemy), Disdain (enemy), Ariel (younger half-sister), Mariel (younger sister/friend)

Title: Shadow Watcher (dark sorcerer)
Age: 14
Affiliation: Good/Anti-Villain; strives to destroy the soul of the "Key of the Caravan Curse (Mizorine)" in order to end the curse...also is a demon hunter
Relationships: Dark Yo (rival), Mizorine (best friend/broski/hidden prey), Sahanna (hidden crush), Genocide (enemy), Derek (friend), Rachelle (younger sister/partner/best friend), Belldame (rival), Drathe (neutral), Valitore (enemy), Zenic (enemy/prey) Disdain (enemy), Binky (pet/best friend), Clara (neutral)

Title: Magical Partner (a body with a magical essence acting as her soul)
Affiliation: Good; keeps the group pacing and kicks demon ass
Age: 12
Relationships: Dark Yo (rival), Mizorine (best friend/broski/neutral crush), Sahanna (close friend), Genocide (enemy), Turbo Boost (rival), Derek (friend), Roofus (older brother/partner/best friend), Belldame (rival), Drathe (friend), Valitore (enemy), Zenic (enemy/prey), Disdain (enemy), Binky (friend), Mariel (best friend), Clara (best friend)

Title: Guardian Fairy
Affiliation: Good; just stays by Derek's side without anyone else's eyes knowing
Relationships: Derek (friend), Zenic (enemy)

Title: Peace-maker
Age: 16
Occupation: Hero; a paranoid guy that makes sure that everyone stays okay
Relationships: Blight (friend), Daniel (long time friend), Pacific (friend), Derek (friend/broski), Disdain (enemy)

Title: Bell Witch
Age: 614
Affiliation: Villain; a witch who strives to hand over the "Key of the Caravan Curse" to her master
Relationships: Mizorine (rival/prey), DooMi (friend/enemy), KiKi (long time friend/enemy), Derek (rival), Roofus (rival), Rachelle (rival), Drathe (neutral), BaMi (friend/enemy), Valitore (partner/rival), Disdain (master)

Marcadoc (real name, Mark)
Title: Crazy Maniac
Age: Unknown
Affiliation: Neutral; even after murdering Mizorine's parents when he was only a baby, he becomes accepted as a friend, and thus, he changes from evil crazy to...crazy in a hilarious way, I guess
Relationships: Mizorine (rival/friend), Xavier (friend), DooMi (friend), KiKi (rival/friend), Drathe (neutral), BaMi (friend)

Drathe (real name, Gabrielle)
Title: N/A
Age: 16 in physical appearance, 816 in reality
Affiliation: Villain, turning good; having taken his own life away 800 years ago because of losing a loved one, he was given the life of a Deranthagor (a dark being someone transforms to after committing suicide...also a citizen of the Deranthagoria [Dark Age] Realm)
Relationships: Mizorine (friend/crush), DooMi (friend), KiKi (friend), Derek (friend), Roofus (friend), Rachelle (friend), Belldame (rival), Marcadoc (neutral), BaMi (friend), Valitore (enemy), Toad (close friend) Disdain (enemy)

Title: Angelic Mother
Age: 42
Affiliation: Neutral; not wanting to lose another husband, she chooses to stay protective of her lover over her children
Relationships: Daniel (oldest son), Russell (youngest son), Pacific (family pet), Derek (second oldest son/rival), Zhang (good friend), Zenic (second husband), Ariel (second youngest daughter), Mariel (middle daughter)

Title: Lady Bug
Age: 609
Affiliation: Good; the childish one of the rag doll trio, her innocence often let's enemies underestimate her dangerous side
Relationships: Mizorine (best friend), DooMi (best friend), KiKi (best friend), Marcadoc (friend)

Title: Sword/Key of the Dark Age
Age: Unknown
Affiliation: Villain; constantly searches for the "Key of the Caravan Curse" in order to satisfy his master's desires
Relationships: Mizorine (prey), Blight (enemy), Sir (rival/enemy), Derek (enemy/prey), Roofus (enemy/prey), Rachelle (enemy), Zhang (enemy), Belldame (partner/rival), Drathe (enemy), Disdain (master/wielder)

Toad (real name, Raphael)
Title: N/A
Age: 40 in physical appearance, 1000+ in reality
Affiliation: Neutral; a chill Deranthagor and also a traitor, considering how he actually enjoys his own torture and punishment from anybody
Relationships: Mizorine (friend), Derek (friend), Roofus (friend), Rachelle (friend), Zhang (friend), Belldame (neutral), Drathe (close friend), Valitore (neutral), Disdain (long time friend/rival)

Zenic (socially known as Nicolas)
Title: Morph Demon
Age: 200+
Affiliation: Villain; seeking revenge merely because of some scars, he breaks a family apart. Strangely enough, he actually cares about the land of Dakeronster
Relationships: Mizorine (enemy), Genocide (long time partner), Blight (enemy), Daniel (step son/enemy), Sir (enemy), Russell (youngest son/rival), Derek (enemy/prey), Roofus (enemy), Rachelle (enemy), Dartella (enemy), Zhang (enemy), Angelina (wife), Disdain (enemy), Ariel (oldest daughter), Mariel (step daughter)

Disdain (real name, Ray Davni)
Title: King of the Dark Age (Deranthagoria) Realm/Dark Knight
Age: 16-18 in physical appearance, 616 in reality
Affiliation: Main Antagonist/Villain; it's a LONG story, but basically he just wants revenge, because of not being able to have the Black Knight title; thus, he needs to eat the soul of the "Key of the Caravan Curse" in order to gain his vengeance...yeah, long story, he's just a threat...
Relationships: Mizorine (other self/prey/main goal), Blight (enemy), Derek (enemy), Roofus (enemy), Rachelle (enemy), Zhang (enemy), Belldame (servant), Drathe (enemy), Valitore (weapon partner), Toad (long time friend/rival)

Title: Floating Ghost
Age: Unknown
Affiliation: Good; the only Spellbound to have ever lived in Dakeronster
Relationships: Mizorine (friend), Sahanna (friend), Genocide (enemy), Roofus (master/best friend), Rachelle (friend), Clara (close friend)

Title: A.D.D. Sweet Pea
Age: 5
Occupation: Good; just a typical little girl
Relationships: Daniel (older half-brother), Russell (younger brother), Pacific (pet/friend), Derek (older half-brother), Angelina (mother), Zenic (father), Mariel (older half-sister/best friend)

Title: Materialistic Girl
Age: 10
Affiliation: Good; even with a typical girly personality, she carries the sense of adventure like her older brothers do
Relationships: Daniel (older brother/enemy), Russell (younger half-brother), Derek (older brother/friend), Rachelle (best friend), Angelina (mother), Ariel (younger half-sister/best friend)

Title: Doll with Life
Age: 7
Affiliation: Neutral; not much to say, just a doll who was given life by Rachelle
Relationships: Mizorine (neutral), Genocide (neutral), Roofus (friend), Rachelle (best friend), Binky (close friend)


WHEW! That took a long time >.<' So, if any of you have any questions about these characters, feel free to ask, I'll be glad to answer :aww:

Characters and Art (c) ME
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